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Discover the power of stones through lithotherapy

Litho therapy is a term that refers to the healing powers of natural crystals that humans wear around the neck, wrists, etc. There are free internet resources that you can use to learn more about various stones that can be…

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Virtues and properties of the emerald stone in lithotherapy

The emerald is classified among the Silicates group. It is actually a variant of Beryl. The colour of the stone comes from a combination of multiple materials such as iron, vanadium and chromium. It has a vitreous appearance with a…

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The amber necklace for children: use with caution

An amber necklace is used to soothe children’s teething problems. Parents are convinced of its power that they decide to make their baby wear it from an early age. However, certain aspects of this jewelry limit some parents in its…

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Why choose a natural stone clock?

A pendulum is a fragment of stone that has been hung from the end of a chain. It is used in many fields such as divination, energy capture or to obtain answers to an important question. Note that this object…

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Lithotherapy, what does it consist in and when to use it?

Lithotherapy is a natural care technique using minerals. This ancestral method has the potential to relieve and soothe pain, reduce stress, bring mental, emotional and physical balance. The various benefits brought by the stones started in China, India and Japan…

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What does a moonstone look like and what are its virtues?

The appellation moonstone is used for a trade name. In general, it is a mineral from the feldspar family and the silicate group. It is often classified among the varieties of orthosis, which in its natural form, in crystals, is…

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Take advantage of the virtues of semi-precious stones to heal oneself

Virtues of semi-precious stones Semi-precious stones possess an imperceptible energy to solve certain difficulties related to health, pain and suffering. Natural stones represent various symbols such as wealth. There are many uses for these stones, some individuals use them to…

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