A pendulum is a fragment of stone that has been hung from the end of a chain. It is used in many fields such as divination, energy capture or to obtain answers to an important question. Note that this object reacts easily to the vibrations and energies produced by a person or his environment. It is from these vibrations that it will oscillate. It is often said that the pendulum associates unconsciousness with consciousness. Discover, in this article, the properties of a natural stone pendulum.


A pendulum can be used to cleanse a chakra or a negative wave. It is with this in mind that stones are the most suitable because of their multiple virtues and benefits in many fields of application. To do this, the stone must be properly charged. To have more details on this subject, it is recommended to take a tour on the guide of stones, crystals and minerals. A pendulum can also be used to predict the future or to guess the past. It can be used to search for a water source or find lost objects. In some cases, it is used to connect with spirits.


Natural stone clocks are known to be very powerful. This is because they have the energy stored in the heart of the stone. In this way, the pendulum oscillates thanks to this energy which can provide the answers we are looking for. The stone version is appreciated by many because it easily captures the energy of its main user. The connection is then very powerful. For lithotherapy adapters, quartz clocks are the most used because of their very illuminated property. Pink quartz clocks are used to answer sentimental questions. We can conclude that each type of stone has its own property.


When choosing your stone pendulum, you must first and foremost trust your instincts. Indeed, there is no golden rule to follow when selecting your accessory. It is possible to visit various sites dedicated to natural stones to find out which one will best meet your expectations. The selection criteria must be based on size and weight. Pendulums that are heavy should be avoided, otherwise they will have difficulty to oscillate correctly. Before using it, it is recommended to purify it beforehand to get rid of the energies it may have acquired. And finally, a pendulum is a personal object, which should not be lent to another person.