An amber necklace is used to soothe children's teething problems. Parents are convinced of its power that they decide to make their baby wear it from an early age. However, certain aspects of this jewelry limit some parents in its use. In order to remedy this, discover some precautions to take so that the baby can pull out his teeth calmly.


The amber necklace is composed of a natural stone: amber which releases negative ions on contact with the skin. These ions have an anti-inflammatory property capable of reducing the pain caused by teething. Most of the time, this stone comes in the form of a bracelet or necklace that is put around the neck of the child or on its handle. These jewels are very practical and sometimes indispensable for many parents. It should be noted in passing that it is possible to get a rolled Amber stone that can be put under the baby's pillow while he sleeps because it is not common enough to let him sleep with an amber pearl necklace.


The amber necklace must imperatively be removed during the night and during naps. Instead of putting it around the neck, it can for example be wrapped around the wrist or ankle. Or, for added safety, it can be placed directly under the pyjamas. Since a child is used to carrying objects in his mouth, it is strongly recommended to supervise him at all times of the day so that he avoids putting the necklace in his mouth. Indeed, even if it is a teething necklace, the child does not need to chew on it in order to benefit from its soothing virtues. At the same time, you can use a teething ring found in pharmacies or specialized children's stores.


Firstly, it is important that an amber baby necklace has a secure clasp system. The screw system is most reassuring in this regard, as the child will not have the exact ability to open it himself or to put the necklace in his mouth. However, metal clasps can cause allergic reactions, so check from time to time just in case. And for baby to enjoy the benefits of his amber necklace perfectly, it is essential that the jewel has a safety knot for each pearl. This way, in a situation where the cord breaks, the pearls will not scatter everywhere.