The emerald is classified among the Silicates group. It is actually a variant of Beryl. The colour of the stone comes from a combination of multiple materials such as iron, vanadium and chromium. It has a vitreous appearance with a hexagonal crystal system and a conchoidal fracture. The largest deposits are found in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar. Emerald stone is often associated with jewellery such as rings, pendants and bracelets. Other its aesthetic aspect, it has many virtues that we will discover below.


Emerald stone has various shades of green depending on its origin. Those coming from Colombian deposits have paler shades. And those found in Africa have a blue-green colour. Sometimes, some are slightly yellow. Emerald green is an expression that has its roots in the smaragdin, which is not very famous. It should also be noted that this gemstone is very rare, which makes it quite expensive in all countries of the world. The emerald stone needs to be purified to keep its powers. To do this, it is immersed for hours in mineralized water and left to dry in the open air.


In lithotherapy, emerald stone inspires fidelity in various relationships: in love or friendship. It does not appreciate negative waves, which leads it to the growth of wisdom. It can be counted among the 7 chakras, in particular, that of the heart. She has the power to master the different emotions. It is favorable for emotional balance and inner peace. On the other hand, on the physical level, emerald is appreciated for its fortifying and regenerative properties. It relieves eye tension, helps to fight against several diseases, strengthens the immune system and protects against various pathologies.


In order to have the ideal emerald stone, it is essential that its colour is intense. It is important to know that the higher the quality of the stone, the more expensive it is. It is generally found in the form of a cabochon and directly inserted in jewellery. The index of purity of this stone is almost non-existent. To maintain it, it is recommended to clean it with oil specially designed for this purpose. In this way, it will be even more brilliant. And finally, it is always necessary to ask for a proof of authenticity to prove its purity and conformity.