Spirulina is a super food, well known for its therapeutic virtues. It is cultivated naturally in warm aquatic areas such as lakes in India, Mexico and Chad. Under various appearances: especially dry or powdered, its consumption is beneficial to health. Here are the reasons why.


It is a cyanobacterium rich in protein and B-complex vitamins, antioxidants, and other minerals. Once dry, it is pulverized and consumed as a dietary supplement. They are cultivated particularly in volcanic lakes and not in the sea. It concentrates a lot of protein and vitamin which makes it the most nutritious food on earth. Indeed, 5 g of seaweed contain 3g of protein and calciums, magnesium, selenium, zinc or sodium. Apart from that, it also contains a vitamin called Thiamine which promotes fat management in the human body. It increases energy and brain health. Its iron content is 20 times more than that found in cereals. The vitamins of the B complex are mostly found in spirulina. Moreover, according to studies, its proportion of beta-carotene is 30 times higher than that of carrots.


This nutritional supplement provides tangible benefits to the body. It is recommended for high level sportsmen and women to enable them to quickly recover the elements lost during intense sessions. This helps the athlete to become even more efficient while maintaining muscular endurance. Moreover, it is a useful nutrient since it provides the body with the necessary nutrients to strengthen the protective and endocrine system. In this way, spirulina fights against fatigue and quickly gives the effect of satiety to the brain.


It's the perfect ally for anyone who wants to lose weight. Its high protein content gives the body an appetite suppressant feeling. In addition, it is an effective antioxidant that acts against the harmful effects of oxidative stress on the health of the epidermis. It has been confirmed that spirulina keeps cancer and its recurrences away, if consumed regularly. The renewal of cells is done at full speed, and this reduces the phenomenon of aging. As a result, its proteins help destroy cancer cells. Moreover, it is time to consume spirulina to benefit from its multiple health benefits.