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how to gain weight fast for man

Healthy and balanced diet

To gain weight, men need to eat a balanced diet of at least 5 to 6 meals per day. These meals include three full meals plus 2-3 healthy snacks. These include wheat bread, legumes, Nuts, whole fat milk, cheese, margarine, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits.

Exercise muscle building exercises

Weight training programs help to gain weight, especially those that target all major muscles, such as the muscles of the chest, back, stomach, biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles, thighs, and hamstrings. At least one exercise is recommended for each type of muscle Twice a week, and can be targeted in two to three groups of 4-8 recurrences, with a heavier weight in the last two to three repetitions. If 8 recurrences are possible easily, weight gain is recommended to stimulate the muscle to continue to grow, Pay attention to not training the same part of the body In consecutive days.

Get more calories

Getting more calories is one of the most important things that help you gain weight, ie, eating more calories than your body needs, and you can estimate the amount of calories your body needs to increase its weight slowly and steadily by 300 to 500 calories more than those If you want to gain weight quickly, consider getting 700-1000 calories more than the body burns daily, keeping in mind that your body’s calorie needs can vary by hundreds of calories per day. Calories can be useful In the first days and weeks it is only for Need for their lifetime.

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