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How to gain weight 10 kilo per week

How to gain weight 10 kilo per week

There are many people who suffer from the problem of excessive thinness and cause them a lot of health and psychological problems, just as the problem of overweight and associated problems, from harassment and health risks, so many people seek to get rid of this problem as soon as possible, Many of them tried in different ways but did not reach the desired result, so we will mention in this article some of the ways that help significantly and significantly in weight gain a large paralyzing.

Natural recipes for weight gain

Mix the ring and honey:

Where two tablespoons of the ring are placed in a bowl of water, then boiled on the fire, then filtered and dissolved in three tablespoons of sugar or honey, and drink three times a day for a week, helping this recipe to increase weight in a very short period.

Sesame Mix, Raisins, Bananas:

A tablespoon of sesame is mixed with four figs, a grilled potato, four tablespoons of honey, and a mixture of three tablespoons a day for a week. This mixture helps to increase weight significantly and quickly. And potatoes.

Almond and Honey Mix:

This mixture helps to significantly increase the weight of the weight if it continues to be dealt with significantly during the day, equivalent to four times, where is taken a large amount of nuts and mixed with four tablespoons of honey and three dates, and then eat , For a week until the difference is noticed.

Diet for weight gain during a week

the breakfast:

  • Two fried eggs.
  • Half a loaf of bread.
  • Dish of beans with oil.
  • A cup of local tea.

Between lunch and breakfast:

  • A cup of tea with milk.
  • A piece of cake.

the lunch:

  • One quarter of a red chicken is not defrosted.
  • Dish of cooked vegetables.
  • A loaf of bread.
  • Ice cream.

Between lunch and dinner:

  • Sandwich of cheese.
  • A cup of local tea.
  • A piece of cake.

the Dinner:

  • A piece of reddish meat, or a sandwich of cheese.
  • Dish of honey with grind.

Tips for gaining weight fast

  • Keep eating foods that contain protein and minerals sources, such as meat and fish.
  • Eat sweets moderately.
  • Eat a meal after playing sports or exerting motor effort.
  • Take pills that help you gain weight like protein, but with medical advice.

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